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Return policy

Clottech.com RETURNS

All Clottech.com orders can be returned if unworn and unwashed for any reason within 14 days of the customer receiving date. Except from product quality problem, we not accept returns after 14 days from customer receiving date.


What is the definition of “the condition that the purchased product is still the original purchase and meets the conditions for secondary sales”?

The outer packaging of the product is complete, and the related accessories and/or accessories are complete. “External packaging” means: the original packaging of the manufacturer, which does not contain the secondary packaging of the logistics itself;
The product is in good condition, the surface of the product has no scratches, no wear (broken) damage, no bumps, no use, no disassembly, etc.; the goods are intact, and can maintain the original quality and function.

Shoes: The outer packaging is intact, the shoe box has no tears, graffiti, and the product certificate at the bottom of the shoe box is complete; the shoes are kept dry and clean, not washed;
Clothes: Hanging label, washing label, neck label are kept intact (no tearing, disassembly); the product itself has no graffiti, stains, and no water washing; if there is dust-proof packaging, please also return it;
Accessories: Ball goods, ball needles and other accessories are available; other types of products should be kept in good condition.

When you receive the goods, be sure to check your goods according to the above criteria.

Please note that RETURN will not be accepted if the returned item does not meet the above return policy, and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping. Before mailing, please reconfirm that the items to be returned meet our return requirements.

If you think the item is defective, you can choose to return it. The premise is that the item to be returned meets the following return requirements:

Footwear: Severely opened plastics caused by non-human factors within 30 days from the date of receipt, broken bottoms, broken heels, cross-sections, broken gangs, and new shoes that have not been paired, and the size of shoes is different. We will not be able to accept the return of footwear quality problems beyond 30 days.

Apparel and accessories: quality problems caused by non-human factors within 14 days from the date of receipt, such as: zipper damage, clothing accessories falling off, etc., and serious unopened clothing, serious opening, deformation, color difference (except for special design).  If there is obvious damage and oil stains, or the first washing according to the washing requirements, the garments are seriously discolored and deformed. We will not be able to accept the return of clothing and accessories beyond 14 days.

Returns aren't accepted if the product shows evidence of excessive wear, misuse or alteration.

I just want to exchange goods?
From now on, Clottech.com provides replacement service for exchange products of the same style/same color to other size.

For return/exchange service, please contact customer service at

Customer Service Email:

Customer Service Hotline: +86 13008827065


About refunds:
Orders paid online will be refunded through the original payment method; the amount paid by the gift card will be refunded to the gift card (the relevant policy for the gift card with the expiration date).
The refund only includes the purchase price. However, if the return is due to incorrect delivery of the goods or damage to the goods during delivery, clottech.com will include the shipping charges you paid in the refund. Gift packaging costs are not refundable.

Refund period:
7-10 business days.

About invoices:
Since Clottech.com has adopted an electronic invoice, the return no longer needs to be returned to the invoice.