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4 Carbon Heating Zones

3 Heating Settings (High, medium, low)

10 Working Hour

Graphene Fabric Power Up

APP Remote Control


with multiple patented technologies assists the voluntary movement of the muscles, and 10 days of battery lasting on a single charge. Wesmart EMS Training Suit is the ultimate workout companion that enables you to unleash your potential. With electrodes activating all 8 major muscle groups, you will absolutely release the most potential of your power. Comprised of breathable compression fabric with integrated internal wires, this power suit seamlessly guarantees full flexibility during workout.

Nano-aerogel Technology

Our patented aerogel technology covers the aerogel molecules on the surface of each fluff, so that the heat can be firmly wrapped in the molecular capsule and improve the thermal insulation performance.

Vacuum Coating Technology

Selected from warm and fluffy goose down, intergrated nano-coating technology with 101kPa vacuum lab condition, the surface of each fluff is enriched with a layer of aerogel, which double the clothes performance under winter cold.

Ninja Vibe Techwear

Techwear refers to clothing made from practical fabrics and materials like, GORE-TEX, Dri-fit, All-climate, Primaloft nylon, and Polartec fleece.

This is born for high performance. Water-resistance, breathability, windproof and ulltra-light. Ninja Techwear can also describe a specific aesthetic inspired by cyberpunk culture and street fashion.

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