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Q:What size should I buy? What’s the difference between body size and clothing size?

A:Body size means the measurement of your body parts, while clothing size means the measurement of the apparel. You can use the “Calculate My Size” tool (next to the size choices) on the product page to find your correct size by filling in your body measurements. If you would like to know more about the clothing size for different styles, we recommend checking out our sizing guide.

Q:How long does the heating last?

The following heat times assume you have a fully-charged battery.
For heated jackets, vests, and hoodies, the battery will last 3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium, or 10 hours on low.
For heated gloves and mittens, the battery will last 3 hours on high, 5 hours on medium, or 7 hours on low.
For heated socks, the battery will last 5 hours on high, 7 hours on medium, or 10 hours on low.

Q:Which parts of the heated jacket support heating?

A:We installed 4 non-inductive pads inside the jacket, they are on (neck, back, and abdomen sides)

Q:How warm is it on each heating setting?

A:The heating level can be adjusted by pressing the power button. Each press will cycle through the apparel’s temperature settings.
Preheat (Blinking red): 60°C/140°F
High (Red): 55°C/131°F
Medium (White): 45°C/113°F
Low (Blue): 38°C/100°F

Q:Can I ski in it?

A:Of course! WESMART apparel is made for indoor and outdoor activities in a cold climate. Our apparel is great for hiking, tailgating, motorcycle riding, fishing and more!

Q;Can I wear it on the plane or put it in carry-on bags?

A:Yes. All WESMART heated apparel is TSA-friendly. 

Q:Is my apparel compatible with other batteries?

A:We do not have a standard battery by default, heated jacket support 5V universal USB mobile power to charge your clothes.


Q:What is EMS-suit ? And what is it for?

A:We are a Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) home fitness system. Using medical EMS technology, our system helps users to recruit more muscle fibers into exercises at the same time, providing high-efficient training in 20~30 minutes every time

Q:Why Whole body EMS can do more?

A: The main purpose of Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is to recruit more muscle to exercises. For normal people, when we exercises, only 40~60% of muscle fiber may participate. However, with proper intensity electrical pulse to stimulate muscle, nearly 90% muscle fiber of target muscle group will be recruited.  

Q: Can it be used daily?

A: Do not use it for a long time (more than 30 minutes) per day, It is possible to cause physical fatigue. We suggest 2 times per week at the beginning, if you can get use to it, you can have more training step by step.  


Q:What muscles does the Wisenfit System activate?

A:  (arms, chest, back, trapezius, External oblique, abdomen, core, glutes(gluteus), quadriceps, hamstrings) at the same time.  


Q: How to chose my suit size?

A: You can just measure your hip circle for getting the information of which size do you need.   

Q: Which intensity should I use?

A: When use it for the first time, please try the intensity from the minimum value to higher, the app will keep the record of your prior use. Please note the intensity could be felt stronger after you sweat.  



Q: How often do I need to charge my HUB?

A: You can typically get 3~5 workouts on one charge of your HUB.  



Q: What is the ideal amount of time between washes

A: It should be washed as soon as possible after each use to prevent sweat from oxidizing the silver fiber electrode. power EMS suit is washable but only limited to the hand wash in cold water.  

Q:How to wash it

A: You can hand-wash the suit but only limited to cold water, or you can choose to wipe the suit by using the cleaning wipes. Laundry liquid is forbidden for use. Also, it needs to be natural air-drying and the inner side should not shine by the sun. Dry Laundry is not allowed, neither the ironing. forbidden:avoid using Laundry liquid/Dry Laundry / the ironing pay attention:(1) natural air-drying and the inner side should not shine by the sun. (2)The conductive matter (silver sheet) and wire are built in, you don’t need to insert by hand. (3)They are not one-time use, but should carefully maintenance. Wash the suit every time after use, because the NaCl in sweat will chlorination the silver sheet. If properly used, the suit can be washed 200-400 times.  


Q: Can I return my suit if I don't like it?suit

A: You can return it for a refund of the purchase price within 15 days of receipt.  


Q: How long does it take to deliver to where I live?

A: Usually, It takes 15 working days more or less to make the manufacture and get everything together, plus the time that it takes to ship where you live by an express transport service. However, if the logistics is affect by irresistible reasons, it will need more time.